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Bay Area Solar Power Installations:

Now is the time to go solar! For installation of solar electric and solar thermal rooftop systems in the Berkeley/Oakland Bay Area, see

A1 SUN inc With solar installations there are so many benefits:

  • Increase your home equity and resale value exempt from CA property tax.
  • Generous California state rebates and Federal tax incentives.
  • Stabilize your energy costs for the life of the system. The PG&E E-7 rate schedule gives you top value for your kWh as they are produced during peak energy use. Energy you purchase is at "off peak" rates.
  • The faster PG&E rates rise, the faster your solar electric system pays for itself.
  • Low maintenance and clean energy production. The clean solar energy you produce beyond your immediate household needs goes directly to meet your neighbor's electricity demands while you get paid for it.

Forget about nuclear power and fossil fuels! Be part of the solar power solution! Find out more at

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